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Core Values​

Lanier Studios is committed to instilling motivation, dedication, and self-expression in students through focused musical study. We believe that embarking on a musical adventure create avenues of cognitive development and personal triumph. 



Tradition of Diversity


Laurice Lanier has been named "One of the Most Versatile Voices on the Planet". Ms. Lanier has a huge amount of experience in performing and teaching versatile styles. The Lanier technique trains the student to be consistent , relax, develop, and execute. Lanier Studio encourages the student to express themselves with many versatile styles and genres while keeping technique as the foundation. 

Historical Perspective


Ms. Lanier began teaching privately when her piano teacher, Mrs. Alicia Dunn died in 1996. Ms. Dunn assigned students to Lanier while her health continued to fail. Ms. Lanier was still a high school student, but was noticed by Ms. Dunn and her chorus teacher, Mrs. Jean Hammons, as an extraordinary young lady to teach and encourage others.

Ms. Hammons, retired South Side High School Chorus Teacher, designated Lanier as a sectional leader, choir accompanist, choral president, and assistant. Ms. Lanier served diligently as private teacher and high school choral assistant on up until her acceptance into The Juilliard School in 1997.

Ms. Lanier began studying voice privately at the age of 14 with Mrs. Faye Haneline-Edwards. She went on to continue her vocal studies in 1997 with the incomparable Mrs. Edith Bers at The Juilliard School. 

From professional performing, private instruction and coaching, motivational speeches, master classes, choral directing and conducting, Ms. Lanier has continued the Alicia Dunn, Jean Hammons, Fay Edwards, and Edith Bers legacy from 1996 to present.

Lanier Studios

Lanier Studios provides private and group vocal instruction for students nationally and internationally. Lanier Studios is located in the Jackson, TN and West Tennessee areas. Private and group classes are offered locally as well as nationally and internationally via Skpye. Ms. Lanier accepts Beginner, Intermediate and Professional levels of vocal study. 

Ms. Laurice Lanier is committed to instilling motivation, dedication, and self-expression in students through focused musical study. We believe that embarking on a musical adventure creates avenues of cognitive development and personal triumph.


Lanier's Roots



Ms. Lanier and her family moved from New Jersey in 2009. It has always been her desire and vision to educate artists of all ages on an intensive and detailed level in the ares of voice and piano. Lanier wanted students to acquire musical knowledge for personal and desired professional growth. Having been fortunate to have skilled and detailed teachers, Ms. Lanier was aware of how beneficial it is for a student to have the same opportunity.

With this vision, Ms. Lanier implemented her plan and was able to develop Laurice Music Studio in August 2009. With the growth of the piano and voice program the name changed to Laurice Lanier Music Studio in late 2010. 

Lanier Studios was added in 2011 offering beginner to advanced students, organizations, churches, and schools their services in the areas of Group Lessons, Master Classes, Music Ministry, Choral Singing & Conducting, Online Lessons and Lectures. 

The Future


Ms. Lanier wishes to continue a high level of detailed training in music and voice for students of all ages and levels. She has the desire for students to excel and enter into accredited colleges-universities and perform efficiently in the professional entertainment and business realm.

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