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Policy & Tuition

Lanier Studios is your West Tennessee exclusive and private performing arts studio. All students interested in registering for private or group instruction should contact the office. Interested students should carefully read the policy and tuition page. Students may begin registering at our website,


All Lanier Studio registered students have personal access to their personal account through he music studio software called Duet. When you enrolled in the studio you created a username and password. Please go to the music studio website and login to your account with your username and password. You can record practice time, view invoices, pay tuition, and contact your teacher. You may also pay your tuition by clicking Make a Payment on your email invoice.

We strongly recommend all registered students use this software. If you have any issues logging in to your account, your password may be incorrect. Please reset your password.

Student Agreement

The Student Agrees to:

  • Practice daily (5-7 days a week)

  • Keep a record of their practice times

  • Prepare the complete lesson assignment each week

  • Attend and perform in studio recitals and workshops


Each voice student must have a piano and or keyboard at home, with maintenance and tuning 1 to 2 times per year, a metronome, specific time set aside daily for practicing between lessons, a 3-ring binder with pockets inside the front and back covers (ideally with no zippers or snaps). Attendance at studio masterclasses and perfromances are expected. Parental support is essential for the success of young students. Parents are requested to accompany their young children to lessons whenever possible. 


​As a courtesy, we request that you please notify the office 24 hours in advance if you are unable to come to your lesson. Students are eligible for make-up lessons if they have cancelled the scheduled lesson 24 hour in advance. If the instructor cancels on the same day, they are required to give the student a make up lesson.


Lanier Studios should receive a 24 hour cancellation prior to the students's scheduled lesson. If a 24 hour cancellation has not been received, the student will be charged for the lesson and a make-up lesson cannot be made. Students may cancel lessons by calling the office, logging into studio account and clicking on the lesson's date and click cancel, or emailing the studio 24 hours in advance.


Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Cash are accepted. You need to receive approval regarding personal checks from the Studio Accounts Manager.  Students pay monthly. Payments can be made via the Lanier Studios website. As a student you will have personal access to your account with a user ID and password. Students do not receive that information until they have completed registration.

Tuition payments should be made monthly. Invoices are billed automatically on the 18th of each month and will be due the 25th of each month. Students have the option to set up automatic payments to be deducted from their credit or debit card weekly or monthly via the Lanier Studios website. You must have login access to the website. All students get a user ID and password for the studio website once enrolled into the studio. 

Registration Fee

An annual registration fee of $75 is due by August 17th of each studio year or by the date when first enrolling in the studio. This non-refundable fee will be used to pay for the student's printed materials, (e.g., tracks, mp3's) up to $75. Recitals are NOT included in the registration fee. This fee may be prorated with permission from the instructor for students enrolling for the first time mid-year.

Late Fees

Tuition and payments not received by the assigned due date, a $15.00 late fee will be applied to your invoice. An additional $15.00 late fee is applied to your invoice if payment is not received 10 days after the due date.

Returned Check Fee

Any checks returned from the bank, no matter what the reason, will be charged a $35.00 bank and administration fee.


Checks held over 30 days will be automatically deposited, if fees are available. We CANNOT hold checks over 30 days. If you request to hold checks each month, a studio termination will be issued. 

Student Dismissal

The instructor reserves the right to discontinue lessons for any reason, and these may include lack of practice, frequent absences, behavioral issues, and destruction or damage of studio property.

Discontinuing Private Lessons

Students must write a letter to the studio regarding discontinuing lessons within (30) days of the next billing period. The letter should be emailed to the Lanier Studios address. If a notice is not received within this period, the student will be charged for the monthly lesson period. If you have paid and discontinued lessons at the same time, lessons are non-refundable.  

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