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Studio Programs

Singing Lessons for the Young Soloist

Singing Lessons for the Young Soloist classes are available for ages 5 to 13. "Vocal Lessons for the Young Soloist" excite Lanier Studios young voice students' process of vocal training. Ms. Lanier's method introduces the young student to breathing techniques for control, performance technique, etiquette, music history and the diversity of music styles and genres. With these methods, the young soloist's musical knowledge grows and enhances and exhilarates the performance with expression and ease.

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional Level 

Our Vocal programs focus on developing consistent breathing, phrasing, vocalizing, projecting, and performance technique. All singers are encouraged to participate in master classes, competitions, and performances. Sight-reading is practiced and encouraged. Lanier Studios vocal technique is excellent for singers who perform different genres.

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional Level  

Our Piano programs focus on technique, sight-reading, posture and performance skills. All pianists are encouraged to participate in recitals, master classes, competitions and performances.

Artist Development

We take our artists through the process to develop their craft and skills necessary to build a professional career in the music industry. This means everything from voice, songwriting, image and branding, music and video production, live performance, marketing and social


Pageant Division

Lanier Studios focuses on all aspects of pageant presentation We coach all ages, divisions and pageant systems.

Pageant Division Areas of Focus are:

  • Talent

  • Presentation & Charm

  • Diction

  • Platform Coaching

  • Evening Gown

  • Swimsuit

Lanier Studios Presents "An Evening with the Artist" Live Concert Series

This is a part of our Artist Development program. The artist, whether soloist or band, will have the opportunity to perform for old and new fans. The artist will be exposed to promotional opportunities in TV and media. The artist will have the opportunity to speak to their audience about their genre, band/solo history and why the listener should be interested in their performance. Interview skills will be implemented. 

Professional Vocal & Piano Lesson & Coaching

The Lanier Music & Vocal program is individually tailored for the professional student. Vocal technique, performance skills, literature and repertoire are reviewed and practiced.

Master Classes

Vocal Technique

Sight Reading

Performance Interpretation

Repertoire Interpretation

Performance Skills & Etiquette


Vocal & Choral Technique

Choral Singing

Diction & IPA

Sacred Music Workshops


Sacred & Secular Music

Repertoire Selection


Church Consulting

Training Parts & Sectionals

Media Implementation

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