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Tap Cardio with Laurice 

Tap cardio is an Interval workout that takes your heart rate up and down. Tap Cardio is for ages 10 to adult who have the desire to burn up to 400 calories per class. You do not need to know how to tap to join tap cardio. The aspect of tap cardio is the workout from the repetitive movements. This is different from a tap class, where you would focus on the steps. Tap cardio focuses on the workout from the repetitive movements. Because of the shifting of weight, tap dancing improves your balance. As dancers learn to balance their bodies in numerous positions, they strengthen their stabilizer muscles that help them maintain balance. After just a few classes, you will notice an increase in flexibility. Tap dancing offers concentrated exercise and muscle development to the legs. PLUS tap dancing is so much FUN! We are all different ages, shapes and sizes. Our classes are conducted in a fun and friendly environment.

This is not your usual tap class. These are repetitive movements that can be modified and advanced. You do not need tap experience. Flat tap shoes will work best for tap cardio. This class is for Ages 10 to adult. All Adult ages are welcome! 

The September Series is taking place September 11, 18 and 15 at Artinspired Studios in Newport News, VA. Please click on the Eventbrite Link below for class and ticket information. 

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